Furniture for a modular house

OTP Bank Helps Ukraine invites you to participate in the program to provide beds in modular houses for families who have lost their homes

Arrangement of modular houses for families who have lost their homes

Arrangement of modular houses for families who have lost their homes

The Krivykh family lived in the village of Gorenka near Kyiv together with two sons - Yakiv 11 and Panteleimon 13 years old - in a large comfortable house, they had a private farm. However, it was Gorenka that was among those villages that, in the very first days of the war, suffered the greatest losses from the hostilities and crimes of the enemy. On March 8 last year, the family was forced to leave, because battles were taking place in the village, and enemy troops were actually in the village. And when they returned, they saw that most of the houses in Gorenka had been destroyed, including their one. A charitable organization from the Czech Republic provided the family with money to purchase a modular two-room house with a total area of 27 square meters, which was installed on a nearby plot. Communications have already been carried out to the house, but there is still no furniture in the house, and it is difficult for the family to buy them on their own. The husband is a disabled person of the 3rd group, he works as a driver, the wife is an accountant, but in such circumstances she really needs help.

Need: beds for adults and children

Required amount: UAH 29 000

Let's support together those who suffered the most from the horrors of war!.

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