Medical clothing against radiation

Invites you to participate in the program to provide medical clothing against radiation

Medical clothing against radiation

Medical clothing against radiation

Since the beginning of the russia’s full-scale invasion, the municipal non-profit enterprise "City Clinical Hospital No. 6" in the Dnipro City Council has been treating a lot of Ukrainian soldiers and members of the territorial defence who needs an urgent aid. At the same time, the hospital continues to treat civilians, both local residents and those who left their homes due to the war and found shelter in Dnipropetrovsk region.

Urgent need: special X-ray aprons – 2 sets with a total cost of UAH 78 222,00 uah.

Such aprons are needed during surgeries related to shrapnel wounds. For the constant monitoring of surgeries, surgeons use an X-ray machine, which exposes them to radiation. Currently, the surgical team of 6 people does not have a single protective apron.

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